New paper about The Mobility Assessment Course (MAC) online!

The mobility assessment course: A ready‐to‐use dynamic measure of visuospatial neglect.

Nelemans, K. N., Nijboer, T. C. W., ten Brink, A. F., Brinkhof, E., Haver, O., Jansen, M., van de Moosdijk, C., & Timmerarends, A. (2022).  Journal of Neuropsychology.

The Mobility Assessment Course (MAC) is an intuitive task to assess visuospatial neglect. Patients must search for targets in the corridors of, for example, their rehabilitation facility.

Example of a part of the route with a target (yellow square; left-hand side of the figure) and arrow pointing to the left (center of the figure) used in the Mobility Assessment Course.

We implemented the MAC as part of a neglect assessment in De Hoogstraat Rehabilitation center, and found that 82% of stroke patients could complete the MAC. The MAC had a lower sensitivity and higher specificity than paper-and-pencil tasks and observations of neglect in daily life. The MAC is an easy-to-implement tool to evaluate neglect in a dynamic manner, which can be administered in addition to conventional paper-and-pencil tasks.