Welcome to the website of the SMARTneurolab, the research group headed by Tanja Nijboer. The SMARTneurolab is based at the Helmholtz Institute, Utrecht University. We are affiliated with the Neuropsychology group and Attentionlab. Here you will find an overview of our work and information about the current researchers and master students involved in the lab. All news and publications from members of the lab will also be posted here.

Our Team

Our team is diverse – or, if you prefer, multidisciplinary – and consists of (behavioural) scientists as well as clinicians. Our backgrounds include (neuro)psychology, artificial intelligence, occupational therapy and physiotherapy. Some work in a clinical setting and focus on projects aimed to improve clinical assessment, treatment, and care for patients. Others are affiliated with the university and strive to translate results from (fundamental) behavioural science into clinical practice. By working closely together, our bench-to-bedside (and vice versa) approach is often successful.

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About Us

Our research focuses on neuropsychology of (multi) sensory perception and spatial attention, where behavioural science, cognitive neuroscience, clinical assessment and rehabilitation come together. We predominately focus on innovating cognitive assessment and rehabilitation, combining various methodologies from experimental psychology, psychophysics, brain imaging, brain stimulation, applied sciences, with innovative technologies, such as digitised cognitive assessment and Mixed Reality (e.g. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, wearables). With respect to the innovative technologies, we have multiple collaborations within the industry. We study healthy individuals, although we focus largely on impairments in different clinical populations and ages.

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